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Vascular Disease: Are You Eligible for Screening?

UVA Heart and Vascular Center is now offering at-risk patients (but who have no symptoms) easy access to comprehensive vascular screening.

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Can Dairy Be Part of a Healthy Diet?

Should you stop drinking milk? Is milk harmful to your heart? Club Red heart health expert Brandy Patterson, MD, shares four good reasons to enjoy dairy.

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How to Protect and Treat Aging Skin

What’s the No. 1 threat to our skin? Get the answer, plus the best products to prevent premature aging.

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Get Inspired to Hike By Your Club Red Team

The women behind the scenes at Club Red share their favorite local hikes – a great way to enjoy Virginia’s natural beauty.

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What Do Your Numbers Say About Your Health?

Know Them by Heart

Overall heart health can be measured by blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference. Learn more

Cheat Sheet for Healthy Living

Health Screenings by Age

Health screenings are important as we reach middle age. Learn which health screenings are recommended for men and women over 40.

Counting Your Steps

Find out how much you're moving! Get tips for how to use a pedometer.

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Club Red is a women's heart-health initiative brought to you by the University of Virginia Heart and Vascular Center. It is an online resource designed to increase awareness among women of the risk factors and symptoms of heart disease. Each month we bring you the latest information you need to know regarding nutrition, fitness and research findings to support and maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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