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A Healthier Holiday Cookie Swap

Get all the sweet flavor with a lot less guilt.

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UVA Pioneering New Robotic Approach to Treat CAD

UVA Heart & Vascular Center is one of the first in Virginia to use innovative robotic techniques to treat coronary artery disease.

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Top 3 Nutrition Resolutions

Introducing three of the smartest, results-oriented and entirely doable nutrition resolutions for 2015.

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Want to Get Fit? Get In the Zone

Reaching your target heart rate is key for improved fitness.

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Navigating the Holidays with Diabetes

Learn tips to help diabetics keep blood sugar in check during the holidays, when sugary and rich foods are plentiful.

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What Do Your Numbers Say About Your Health?

Know Them by Heart

Overall heart health can be measured by blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference. Learn more

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Healthy Holiday Treat?

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Counting Your Steps

Find out how much you're moving! Get tips for how to use a pedometer.

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Club Red is a women's heart-health initiative brought to you by the University of Virginia Heart and Vascular Center. It is an online resource designed to increase awareness among women of the risk factors and symptoms of heart disease. Each month we bring you the latest information you need to know regarding nutrition, fitness and research findings to support and maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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