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Spotlight: Re-operative Cardiac Surgery

Advances in medical care and healthier living mean more people are outliving their initial heart “fix.” Learn who may be a candidate for a repeat surgery.

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“Bad Fat” No More? Findings from Saturated Fat Study

Scientists are rethinking their hard-line stance against saturated fats. But to really be good to your heart, reach for another kind of fat.

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Pros and Cons of High-Intensity Interval Training

We take you step by step through this fitness trend to help you build muscle and slim down — while avoiding injury.

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Join Us For Spring Events

From cooking classes to healthy skin, these events will have you looking good and feeling great inside and out. Register today.

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Peripheral Arterial Disease: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Many people with PAD don’t experience symptoms, which means the condition can go undiagnosed.

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Health Screenings by Age

Health screenings are important as we reach middle age. Learn which health screenings are recommended for men and women over 40.

Counting Your Steps

Find out how much you're moving! Get tips for how to use a pedometer.

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