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Heart and Vascular Services

We offer all levels of heart care, from prevention and general cardiology to advanced diagnostics and imaging, and vascular care, from angioplasty to aneurysm treatments.

Our doctors:
  • Provide thorough checkups and screenings
  • Offer locations throughout Central Virginia
  • Coordinate care for more serious conditions

Do You Need a Heart Expert?

UVA has the expertise to treat the most complex heart problems.
Our specialties include:

  • Heart Rhythm Center: Diagnoses and treats atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia and other rhythm disorders with options like ablation and pacemakers.
  • Cardiac Valve Center: The region's first and only dedicated valve center, which specializes in minimally invasive treatment options and research.
  • Heart Failure and Transplant Center: With treatment options including LVAD implantable devices and transplant.
  • Vascular Center: With doctors who specialize in treating complex vascular conditions.

Vascular Center

Vascular disease is complex. It requires special expertise that you can get at UVA. Interventional procedures like:

  • Angioplasty to open blocked arteries
  • Stents to treat narrow or weak arteries
  • Stent-grafts and surgery to repair aneurysms
  • Varicose and spider vein treatment at our Vein Clinic

See a Local Heart Doctor: Regional Locations

Don't want to go to the hospital for your heart care? Don't worry. We have heart specialty services in Culpeper and Augusta County and at Northridge Medical Park on Ivy Road near Charlottesville. Coming soon: Zion Crossroads.

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